INTERVIEW: Yelle Talks Sex, Songs And Uncles

French pop starlet YELLE is a firecracker of a performer on stage with a knack for writing honest and bawdy lyrics that have caught the attention of everyone from Katy Perry to Coachella crowds.  Interviewing the kind of artist that’s open to writing about dildos should be a piece of cake right?  The catch, I only know how to say jambom (ham) and formage (cheese) in French which meant unless we stuck to the topic of sandwich fillings I was pretty nervous.  Luckily not only did Yelle speak English perfectly with the cutest accent she told us about everything from her honest lyrics to her thoughts on Australian boys.

All your songs are in French, which means we’ve had to do a lot of online translations today.  Now that your popularity has spread beyond France, do you find the language barrier to be a problem?
It’s not a problem.  Since the beginning I always said I would write and sing in French.  Music is a question of energy and happiness and if people like it they can share that with you.

Your lyrics touch on very honest topics like sex and penises, dildos and masturbating. How do people react?
I’m only naughty and kinky not gross.  I sing like I think.  Like with friends we talk about sex and love, anything!

In France it was maybe a bit weird because they don’t have people taking about sex toys so we were alone but its important touch with my generation.  I think it will get easier and I hope we can help.

How does your family feel about it?
They are not shocked.  One time my cousin was listening with my uncle and she was trying to talk really loud over the rude lyrics.  But later he came to the show and said it was “really cool.”

Tell us about your new album Safari Disco Club
We were touring around different countries when writing.  It took a year, it was very important to have no deadlines.  We really wanted to be proud of each song.

You’ve got a very unique, colourful style. Any fashion tips for what’s hot in the Côtes d’Armor region right now?
[Laughs] In the Côtes d’Armor, the trendy piece is the total “sailor” look!

Your press release advises Australians not to wear white to your shows in August because you “bring the party”. What else can we expect to see when you play here?
We love to be on stage and play live! We are playing old and new songs and trying to mix them with remixes so I hope we’ll have a real connection with the crowd.  I hope to make them dance, to have fun, and yes to be really sweaty and sticky!

What do you think of Australians boys? And should they be worried that you might write a song like Short Dick Cuizi about them?
[Laughs] I love Australian boys! They don’t have to be worried; I’ll be a good girl with them!




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