Dedicating your life to the non-stop party is no easy feat. Ask around. Firstly, bottle-o’s have the annoying habit of closing at midnight. Secondly, the rigours of carrying home case upon case can cause serious and irreparable spinal injuries, slipped discs, aneurisms and or anal hemorrhages. Lastly, cataclysmic end-of-world conditions have made leaving the house an impossibility these days. If only there was a service that could deliver all your boozy needs direct to your door. Oh, what was that? There is! Thank you for sharing that information, internet.

The Beer Baron began in early 2010 and is Sydney’s original 24 Hour Alcohol Home Delivery Service with the Baron himself delievering booze on his bike to the Surry Hills community.

The Blind Pig is also a 24-hour booze delivery service for anybody living in Sydney’s inner-west, eastern suburbs, or north (as far as Crows Nest) and south (as far as Arncliffe).

Both deliever everything from a six-pack to vodka, whisky, mixers, wine and bubbles with nibbles also available.  Before you ask, yes, you must be over 18. And yes, you’ll need to provide ID on delivery. Nice try, high-schoool-inbetweeners.

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