Sampology’s top five dream collaborators

Brisbane producer SAMPOLOGY has kicked a major goal this year, releasing arguably one of his finest records to date with his new EP, Mt. Glorious. Featuring collaborations with Jordan RakeiGeorgia Ann MuldrowDudley Perkins and more, the six-track EP is an immersive, ethereal journey that spans many of Sampology‘s influences and inspirations, from balearic, jazz, hip-hop, soul and much more.

Infusing live instrumentation with field recordings, the EP comes to life in a way that many electronic artists fail to do and it could be a lot to do with just how much Sampology has going on in his songs. From the field recordings of Brisbane’s Mt Glorious on the title track that he captured while hiking the mountain, to the live string quartet, MerakiMt Glorious is a thriving bed of so much, all carefully controlled and put together by Sampology‘s expert approach.

One key component of all of Sampology‘s work is the art of collaboration, so to celebrate the release and to get to know him a little better, we asked him to give us the scoop on his dream collaborators. Check it all out below and buy/stream Mt Glorious here.

Seven Davis Jnr

Seven Davis Jnr sings on the majority of the tracks he produces which are in the house genre mostly. His swing, sonics and pocket are so dope and undeniably unique, the left of center production choices used come across as experimental but they never loose their effect in a nightclub.

Sudan Archives

Violinist, Vocalist & Writer of glorious songs. You can hear her own unique personality in the construction of her songs with built up layers of string instruments and vocals either sung or rapped. Check out her ‘Sink’ EP released on Stones Throw.

Bobby Caldwell

Blue Eyed Soul singer/ song writer from late 70s, and he’s still touring today!
When I included him in the list of dream collaborations I was only half serious, but the more I think about it the more I believe it’d be amazing for him to collaborate on younger artists projects.

Benjamin Wright Jnr

Orchestral arranger who started his career in the early 70s and is still working today. If you imagine classic soul or disco strings at their best then that’s Benjamin Wright work sprinkled on top to bring the song to the next level. Recent work includes JTs 20/20 album and Frank Ocean’s Blond album.

Stevie Wonder *Harmonic feature*

If we’re talking collaboration goals and you want to go all the way, you gotta set your sights on a Steve Wonder Harmonica feature. It doesn’t get more epic than that.

Catch Sampology at the below date:

Sat, September 29 – A Love Supreme Block Party, Brisbane – tix here

Mt Glorious is out now, buy/stream here.

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