Premiere: Tigertown takes Crystal Fighters’ ‘Good Girls’ for a spin

Everyone loves a bit of CRYSTAL FIGHTERS. Their music is fun, engaging and takes you to places you would have never thought possible as their splendid melodies enlighten your senses. TIGERTOWN‘s tracks have a pretty similar affect. The Sydney-based outfit have a knack for creating entrancing music that stays with you long after you’re exposed to it. That probably made them sound like an infection but they kind of are; they’re a band that dive right in and infect your soul with their beautiful music.

What do you get when you blend the blissful sound of Crystal Fighters with the intricate melodies of Tigertown? A bloody good remix that’s what! Tigertown have tweaked ‘Good Girls’, a song you would have loved when it was first released back in October last year and the result is just magnificent. With a light tribal beat, sweet whistles and a twangy guitar track, ‘Good Girls’ original mix is a song that fills you with happiness and makes you want to frolic in your favourite place for hours on end.

The remix is still just as dreamy, but has a good electronic injection, making it a lot more enticing to those who love a good synth. Starting off quite atmospheric, with the chorus of vocals echoing behind a light layer of synths, it slowly builds to reveal a more tropical sound, with the beat becoming a lot lighter, whilst also feeling quite deep and hollow. If the original mix of ‘Good Girls’ was a cool drink, it would be a fruity cocktail; a mojito, maybe, spicy whilst still being refreshing. If the remix was a drink, it would be more like crisp ale, a unique taste that lingers on the tongue and becomes more enjoyable with every sip. Mm, tasty.

Chris of Tigertown said of the new remix, “We were instantly drawn to the song because it has the same summer party anthem feel that we always go for. Even the gang vocals reminded us of our own, so it was a lot of fun injecting some of the Tigertown dreamy synth world into the track. It was unexpected when it ended up in a slightly tropical feel, but that’s the fun part of letting the song determine the direction of the remix.”

Tigertown have nailed this remix and it presents us with a great new tune to boogie down to whenever we’re feeling deflated. This is a song that has the ability to raise your spirits and make you feel full of life, so enjoy it in healthy doses.

Words by Lauren Payne






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