PREMIERE: Yelle returns with “Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)”


After a tumultuous, exhausting year, it would do many of us well to remember the small things in life – to live in the moment. Well, YELLE think so anyway. Making their long-awaited return with a brand new song and video, French electro-pop duo Yelle are back to remind us to live in the moment, the “Ici & Maintenant,” or Here & Now, and we have the first take for Australian fans right here.

In similar Yelle fashion of what we’ve come to expect, the duo (Julie Budet and GrandMarnier) are back at it again with their electro-pop grooves. Over a bouncy beat and sweet synth sounds, the tinkering of GrandMarnier provide the perfect backdrop for Budet’s vocals to positively glide over. With dynamic breaks splitting up the fast paced and upbeat verses, the sudden change catches your attention and snatches your focus, bringing you back into the moment- exactly what the song is about.

As for the video, we’re presented with Budet going about her normal day like brushing her teeth, going for a run, cooking and more, but this is Yelle we’re talking about, so it’s not going to be normal is it? No, what breaks up the mundane nature of the day Budet is depicting is American comedian Nathan Barnatt, who mirrors her activities in a bizarre way. Slightly menacing in parts, Barnatt is all over the place, flinging his arms around and shaking back and forth. Where Budet is running, he’s jumping down the street; where she’s cooking her breakfast, he’s got his head in the freezer with arms flailing – you get the idea.

The clip perfectly captures the nature of the song, Budet being very much in the moment while Barnatt is quite literally all over the place. Putting it into this exaggerated perspective, Yelle show the urgency for nowness, for being present, and highlight that its actually a lot more effective in the first place to get things done.

The song is a one-off release, with no album in sight for the future. However, it has been hinted at that a few more one-off releases may be on the way. Speaking on this one, Yelle said it’s a “so far so good vibe, we’ve been lucky and still are, having fun touring the world over doing what we love, not sure what awaits us tomorrow, everything might stop, but so far all good.”

Check it out above, and nab your own copy of the track here.

Words by Emma Jones





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