Premiere: PINES ‘Fate’


Adelaide duo PINES are no strangers to creating electronic sounds that absolutely bubble and pop. Their last single ‘All You Need’ was a powerful slice of sonic goodness, and they’re pushing to continue in that same vein.

They’ve got a new single called ‘Fate’, which we’re lucky enough to be premiering today!

Teeming with summery goodness and overflowing with nostalgic sounds, PINES are truly masters at progression. Not only with chords, but more in the sense that they’ve got a fantastic feel for how to push a track in the right direction and how they’re able to change it up enough to keep you absolutely hooked. But I guess they can probably put it better than I can:

“In terms of progressions, we love music that inspires the same sorts of themes as well as hinting that there might be something a bit bigger on the horizon. Fate was a pretty good example of this in that it began with a string chord progression that we really liked that instantly gave us a blissed out sort of vibe, but then as we added some bigger elements to it with the drums and some heavier synth chords we found it created a pretty energetic, powerful type of sound.”

The violin synth and the piano have been utilised in such a way that it almost pushes this track from a purely electronica realm into something a little more than that. But I think what really ties this altogether is that vocal sample. They had this to say about it:

“In terms of vocals we really look to find or create angelic, smooth sorts of tones. In this case, we played around for a while experimenting with different tones, sounds and pitching effects to arrive at a unique vocal that suited that track perfectly. We thought it was only fitting that we’d name the track Fate.”

Creating blissed out tones may just be what PINES are most good at, but there’s something else hidden away inside their music. Some element of nostalgia that brings you right back to the ground but keeps your head way up in the clouds.

Words by Caitlin Medcalf





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