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I feel really sorry for our Purple Sneakers Radio Team, as after following PLANÈTE for a few years, I still don’t know how to pronounce the name. So I don’t know how they coped.

That’s right, for this week’s guest mix we have Melbourne bred downtempo producer Planète (aka Dion Tartaglione) providing 35 minutes of solid house gold. 

We’re smack bang in the middle of a massive month for Planète, who has been riding waves of enthusiasm following the release of his latest single ‘Altair’. A single we crushed over: “‘Altair’ has the power to push you to unconsciously move, and that’s exactly what this kind of house should do. Whether it’s a club, work, walk, run, public transport or drive setting this is the perfect soundtrack to get your body and mind moving.”

Off the back of the track, Tartaglione will be making his way up to Brisbane very shortly for the annual BIGSOUND festivities. Across this week, he’ll be featuring on a couple of showcases, and if this mix is anything to go by – then it’s going to be a pretty dark affair.

Opting to create the mix from tracks other than his own, Planète dusts off his proper DJ chops and focuses on some of the darker, more industrial influenced beats from the broad house spectrum. One of the strongest parts of his repertoire is his ability to build and create a mood, and after the first 10 minutes of shuffling minimal sounds – you reach a transcendence of pure bliss.

Consider this a BIGSOUND special, and consider Planète to be just as good a DJ as he is a producer.


  1. Midland – Diving Bell
  2. Soulphiction – Her (Jms Dub)
  3. Percussions – Percussion 1
  4. Sau Poler – Bercy
  5. Palmbomen II – John Lee Roche
  6. Hodge – Holographic Prose
  7. George Fitzgerald – Miyajima
  8. Jahnne – Life In Irrational Fear
  9. Vermont – Yaiza

Catch Planète at the following BIGSOUND dates:

Wednesday, 9th September
Official BIGSOUND Showcase

The Brightside
8.10PM – 8.40PM

Thursday, 10th September
Red Bull Music Academy Showcase w/Charles Murdoch & More
The Flying Cock




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