LISTEN: Lancelot ‘Givin’ It Up’ ft. Antony & Cleopatra (Panda Remix)

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It’s always a treat to wake up to something free – and this week we’re digging this new remix from UK producer PANDA of LANCELOT’s latest single.

While we’ve been keeping track of Lancelot for a while now, he’s been high on the radar recently with his reworks, new EP, and appearances over the summer. But now that he’s on the international stage, it’s time to share his skilful arrangements and disco vibes.

Panda takes off the deep edge and fleshes out the bassline, for a remix that is a little more carefree and smooth. After a drawn-out intro, he also plays around with the vocals as part of the rhythm. Then ‘Givin’ It Up’ evolves into a shimmery dance track, which lasts just a little longer than the original.

All of which means that it sounds something like the wake-up rendition: a morning jam to play while you’re setting off for the day. It’s certainly put me in a better mood.

The track is available now for free download and will be released later as part of a remix package of ‘Givin’ It Up’ from British record label Anjunadeep.

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis




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