Is Tropical Release New Album ‘I’m Leaving’


To say that UK band IS TROPICAL have been quite busy lately would be an understatement. They’ve just returned from their Mongolian tour with a tour documentary to follow, released their new album titled I’m Leaving just today and are about to set off on a European tour!

The dance-rock group’s second album is jam packed with both respected music and names. Produced by Luke Smith (FoalsDepeche Mode), I’m Leaving features a list of songs that are quite personal to the band and their environment. ‘Lovers’ Cave’ for instance, is about a couple from a real said cave in Paris. Another track on the album, ‘Dancing Anymore’ is actually performed as a duet by Gary of the group and his girlfriend. The rest of the female vocals on the album were sung by Crystal Fighters‘ Ellie Fletcher.

It’s a really lovely album that plays with the genres of psychedelia, pop and rock, leaving us to witness an album as colourful as it’s cover art. There’s not a dull moment in this record, as it promises to expel all of the animosity you may have built up inside of you.

Released just today, you can stream I’m Leaving off the band’s SOUNDCLOUD!

Making a name for themselves through their travelling, Is Tropical recently visited Mongolia and performed as one of the first bands of their calibre to ever play there. With Noisey joining them on their escapades, they were able to create a short documentary of the whole experience! Take a look at part one below.

Is Tropical‘s I’m Leaving‘s second single ‘Dancing Anymore’ has been remixed by SPECTRAL PARK. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the term “remix”, I immediately think of production techniques that artists have electronically tweaked and added to an original song. Replace this ideology with cheeky guitars and you have a truly wild version of a track that’s gone mad in such a great way. What’s even better is that you can download this remix for free!

Is Tropical’s I’m Leaving is available to stream now and will be available to purchase on Friday, 24th May through Kitsune. Pre-order it on iTUNES now!

Words by Hannah Galvin.





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