REVIEW: The Griswolds ‘Heart of a Lion’ EP

The kaleidoscopic band with a name to rival all others, THE GRISWOLDS released their brand spanking EP on September 28 and we just can’t get enough of it. The five-piece are winners of the coveted Triple J Unearthed Parklife Sydney Feature Artist and are embarking on a national tour to spread their version of indie anthems.

Their EP is glittering with the hit ‘Mississippi’ being a stand out track that features stunning vocals, cascading synth and playful percussion that you can’t help but salute in honour of all the beaming it can produce.

‘Heart Of A Lion’ is cheeky and a little bit rude, but endearing at the same time. Quirky bass and pounding drums made for the perfect recipe for our own Purple Sneakers DJs to whip into their own remix.

‘The Courtship Of A Summer Preasley’ takes a completely different turn from the previous two tracks and had sweet vocals combined with guitar that peeks through your window like the morning sun. The tune is layered with percussion and acts as a quaint little love song. You can’t help but fall for this song.

Finally, the fourth track on the EP ‘Red Tuxedo’ is so beautiful and had a choral feel to it. It is impossible to not be enthralled with this tune as it softly acts as a lullaby with the soothing guitar and charismatic lyrics such as, “With a dab of dad’s cologne”.

The Griswold’s ‘Heart Of A Lion’ EP is one that plucks the heart strings, makes you blush and makes you want to party all at the same time. It could be said that this EP is reminiscent of a perfect first date, and I know we are all waiting by the phone to see if they call us back for the second time around.

Words by Jess Holton



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