WATCH: High Highs ‘Open Season’ + New EP Announced

Based in Brooklyn, born in Australia indie pop/folk band HIGH HIGHS are just about to release their debut EP leading with single ‘Open Season’. The duo’s soft, expressive sound doesn’t stay exactly true to their name, with low sorrowful sweeping melodies and lyrics.

The simple guitar riff of ‘Open Season’ complements those deep piano chords and the embracing harmonic chorus. The delicate falsetto almost reaches out to the likes of JUSTIN VERNON and early FLEET FOXES.

HIGH HIGHS have previously released a video for the single as almost an ode to New York. We see the duo in various iconic spots outdoors around the city – Times Square, by the Manhattan skyline and Coney Island. The textured acoustic elements of the song are backed by a collection of characters young and old, having their go on the piano painted “Play Me, I’m Yours.” Without getting lost in the crowd, the two peacefully play their tune in beach, park and city.

Voyeuristic scenes with soft focus and amateur shaky footage get you feeling high high. The bittersweet lyrics conjure up lost thoughts: “So tired of living like a kite, kite, kite, kite.” With the sincerity of folk, grounded guitar of rock and playfulness of electronica, HIGH HIGHS capture the pleasant parts of music in as song easily able to be left on repeat. We’d love for them to come back to Oz but we can see why they enjoy living in NYC, the clip romanticises the buildings, the people and its energy.

The band’s self titled EP is due to be released on August 24 through Fine Time Records.

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis



Dubbed most likely to revitalise the hippy movement at the end of high school, Antigone is secretly working on a time warp back to 1969.