LISTEN: Friends ‘Mind Control’

Mixing bubblegum pop and disco funk with “Fuck Off” lyrics, Brooklyn’s indie hipster band FRIENDS are at it again with their newest single ‘Mind Control’.
If the name FRIENDS doesn’t ring a bell (insert joke about non-existent relationship to 90’s TV sitcom of same name) let me jog your memory… Remember the 2011 hit ‘I’m his Girl’ that got plenty of air time last year, well that’s these guys; and I can just hear it now, the collective “Oooohhhh” escaping all your lips.
Set to release their debut album Manifest! after their 2011 success, the FRIENDS quintet, led by the vocals of girl-crush worthy Samantha Urbani, have managed to set tongues a-wagging for it’s imminent arrival. This fun and anthemic teaser track is lacked with group chants, head bopping drums and bass, and poppy vocals dripping in attitude – if this is what the album’s like, we’re going to enjoy it.
So take a listen and sample some of what’s yet to come from these uber-cool Brooklyn kids; we promise it won’t leave you singing “I’ll be there for youuuuu” (yep I just went there…).
Words by Alyson Lamb.


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