WATCH: Florence and the Machine ‘Never Let Me Go ‘

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE’s new video gets dark. Real dark. Florence Welch seems to be vomiting dark bile by the end of it.  At one point she goes ice skating with Jamie Bower (remember, the adorable one in Sweeney Todd, NOT Twilight, let’s pretend he was never in that) in the dark. I wish I was ice-skating with Jamie Bower.

I’m not entirely sure what the storyline was. I’m not sure if there was one. But what I do know is that the lighting was dim and that it doesn’t even matter, because ‘Never Let Me Go’ is just another chance for Welch to wail. And golly can she wail. If the moon could sing, this is was it would sound like, in a desperate ode to the sun to please never ever leave.

But in Florence and the Machine fashion, the song and accompanying clip are a little bit ethereal, a little bit bizarre, and hey, a little bit creepy too.

Enjoy. Let me know if you know what this really means, what is happening, why it is happening…

Words by Hannah Story.




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