LISTEN: Lotus Plaza ‘Strangers’

‘Strangers’ is amazeballs. I expect nothing less than tits-out-fantastic from anyone even vaguely affiliated with Deerhunter. And Lockett Pundt, their guitarist, is now also LOTUS PLAZA.

It’s a trip back down the Microcastle lane. Except in this case we’re talking about his solo stuff being full of spacious layered sound, brooding eerie vocals and a sweet guitar line that shuffles you off into the direction of more more more more more Lotus Plaza. Yep, it put me into the mood, with a lengthy instrumental rounding the song off and keeping me captivated for every second. This is the kind of music you listen to on vinyl whilst lying in bed wondering why on earth you took on a Philosophy major. Only you can answer that, my friend.

Keep your eyes peeled for the sophomore album, Spooky Action at a Distance set for release on April 2.

Words by Hannah Story.



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