LISTEN: Sweet Teeth ‘Girls’

Do you want to dance? Ready for some involuntary booty-shaking? Dance to Sydney’s favourite dance-punk band, SWEET TEETH.

SWEET TEETH combine groovy beats with infectious riffs and effortlessly suave vocals. I would let Nathan Martin holler at me all day (and I mean that in a totally sexual way). They’re kinda like Black Kids with a punk edge, as in on the edge of a cliff-face, screaming down at all the ladies about their daddy issues. If Death from Above 1979 had a kid with Alice Glass and you would get this.

SWEET TEETH play with the kind of fervour I’ve only come to expect from bands with nothing to hide, nothing to lose and a spare 4-pack of Red Bull in their back pockets. High-energy, original tracks like ‘Girls’ are rare on the Sydney scene and are the perfect soundtrack to a night of gin-infused havoc.

Check out their promo video for their tour with Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun. They make brightly coloured vomit beautiful, just like a rainbow.

Check them out at Goodgod Small Club March 24, and Yours and Owl’s March 28.

Grab your copy of their new EP Your Treasure is our Trash now from Less Talk Records. It sure tastes sweet.

Words by Hannah Story.




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