Whyte FangThe mysterious singer/songwriter/producer WHYTE FANG has been a wee bit quiet since the release of the The Version Suicides EP (a successfully broody electronica remix of 5 tracks from The Grates‘ latest album Secret Rituals). But there are rumblings that she’ll be re-emerging in 2012, working on a collaboration with fellow indie ingenue ELIZABETH ROSE. It’s going to be an electro synth dream.

But until this elusive new project is released I have been distracting myself from the agony of waiting, by rediscovering the eargasm that is WHYTE FANG‘s cover of Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say it Right’.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….covers are awkward.  When they’re bad, it’s awkward for the artist performing the cover because they’re now responsible for destroying a perfectly good song.  When they’re good, it’s awkward for the original artist because someone else just performed your song better than you did…

So while I absolutely loved the Nelly Furtado original, she must be feeling pretty awky right about now because WHYTE FANG’s cover is spastically good.  Where señorita Furtado was all about singing a defiant goodbye and fuck off ghetto pop dance anthem  – WHYTE FANG’s cool industrial sound makes you feel more pensive and chic (replacing Timbaland’s signature background wails with steely drums was a choice move in my opinion).

Pay attention folks because the future is here.  And it sounds like this:

Words by Keya Muk.




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