WATCH: New Navy ‘Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)’

I double dare you to watch the video for FLUME’s remix of ‘Zimbabwe’ and tell me you don’t want to be best friends with all of the awesomely awesome people featured in it. Especially the girls who start getting their boobs out for the camera around the two minute mark. (Don’t act like I’m the only one who noticed – NEW NAVY themselves commented on the Youtube video with a tactful “BOOBS!”)

Nineteen year old FLUME is killing it on this remix of NEW NAVY’s huge summer tune, churning out a track that embodies the spirit of summer nights in the city. (A friend of mine described the track itself as an “eargasm”, which seems to be the most apt description possible.)

Candid footage of festival go-ers and party people is interspersed between images of sunsets and shots that are perfectly framed so as to make the everyday seem utterly and untouchably cool.

What’s especially mesmerising about this video is that it can make you nostalgic for things you’ve never even partaken in before – like dancing around with lit emergency flares in the backyard, for example. Oh, you handsome young people, getting drunk and lighting hazardous material on fire without the proper protective equipment. You so crazy!

The bad news about this vid is, you’re going to be left wondering why you don’t look as cool as the hotties in it when you take a shower with another dude, or have a cheeky smoke on the back patio with friends. That’s mostly due to the fact that director Moonclad Kid is a wizard who could probably film me hanging out the washing and make it look like a life-altering experience.

Words by Cheryl Billman.



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