FREE DOWNLOAD: Jonti ‘Sine & Moon’ Album

South Aftican born Australian resident JONTI has just released an entire album for free online, made up entirely of content that pre-dates his 2011 record ‘Twirligig’. Originally put out as a continuous mixtape; the Sydney artist made the decision to release it as a full record after being inundated with requests for the tracks in their entirety.

1. Saturday Night Songs
2. Red On Green Ft. Jonwayne
3. Confused Birds
4. Nagoya Train Station 3 am
5. Nightshift In Blue (Alternate Version)
6. Koi Moons Daughter Pt. II
6. By This Shore
7. Flesh Of Morning
8. Lost Machines
9. Young Wildebeest
10. Nagoya Interlude
11. Moon Goddess
12. Sugar High
13. Lovers Stone (Alternate Passaros)
14. Vendas Newly Won Dream *Bonus Track*

DOWNLOAD JONTI – SINE & MOON HERE thanks to Stones Throw Records

More info on his last record ‘Twirligig’ and a free download of the first single from it HERE

JONTI will be touring Australia with St Jeromes Laneway Festival in Feburary, click HERE for all dates, the full lineup and ticketing information.



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